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When i got home i tried again because we thought it was over heated and it still didnt work. It mht be worth checking out the Valvetronix forum: gone wonky a couple of times and I've had to follow the reset procedure in the manual.

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Were about an hour in and rht in the middle of the song the sound just cuts of....

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We tried everything, seeing if it wasnt plugged in, changing the guitar, changing the cable, checking if we changed a setting on accident but to no avail...

Vox AD30vt amp problems. - Guitar Noise Forums

The Vox VFS-2 is a Dual footswitch for the VR, Pathfinder & Cambridge range. The Vox VFS-2 is a foot switch controller for Vox Valvetronix amps, Pathfinder 15R, VT15, VT30, VT50 and the VT100. The Vox VFS-2 footswitch lets you switch programs (CH1 or CH2) in Manual mode or bypass the effect you have dialed in in Effect Bypass mode.

Vox vt30 manual mode:

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