Sony pd 150 service manual

DSR-PD150 - Sony

Connect the camcorder to a power source and slide the EJECT button. Insert a cassette with the write-protect tab facing upward and the window facing out, and gently press the PUSH button on the outside of the compartment until the door clicks shut.

How to Repair a Sony DSR-PD170P - YouTube

The PD 150/170 are capable of recording in both DVCAM and DVSP modes.

How to Repair a <strong>Sony</strong> DSR-PD170P - YouTube

Sony PD-150/170 3CCD Mini DVCAM Camcorder Operating Guide.

Lift up the Viewfinder and insert the battery pack with the downward arrow on the battery pack facing down.

Sony DSR-PD150 - Camcorder repair

Slide the battery pack down until it clicks into place.

Sony pd 150 service manual:

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