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Jim, I am looking for a backup generator to run off my Ford 6610 tractor PTO. Example: A tractor with 70 PTO HP can use a 35k W generator.

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I already have a very old 56K Stuart and Stevenson military Genset that is wired to the house with a switch. I also want to be able to move it around my ranch for other uses. PTO generator sizing is based on the HP at the PTO which is typiy lower then the engine HP and can be calculated as 1000 watts for every 2 PTO HP.

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You will need to confirm with a certified electrician if a 35k W generator will be enough to power your 3,200 sq/ft house as it will be based on the starting amperage loads of the equipment you intend on powering.

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In the case of PTO generators, we think, bger is better.

Quietsource generator 35kw manual:

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