Presto cooker canner manual

PRESTO COOKER - CANNER 22 QUART Parts Model 01780.

was founded in Eau Claire Wisconsin in 1905, then named Northwestern Steel and Iron Works and was a maker of industrial-size pressure canners for commercial canneries.

Pressure Cooker/Canners - All American

After ten years it began manufacturing large pressure canners for everyday use at home.

Parts for 0121004 <strong>Presto</strong> Pressure <strong>Cookers</strong>

Parts for 0121004 Presto Pressure Cookers

Thought aluminum pressure cookers are lhter in weht, conduct heat well and are less expensive, you will not find an aluminum model pressure cooker with nonstick coatings as these finishes do not stand up well in the pressure cooking environment.

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Here we are going to review several of the Presto Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner models and discuss their features, what makes them great products and sets them apart from one another so that you may make an appropriate purchase.

Presto cooker canner manual:

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