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I’m curious now, even though I don’t use it, really.

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Now I always let it pre-heat 20-30 min and have to turn it to just under 350 to actually get it there! But I invent my own recipes anyways, so I wasn’t even aware of this until we moved to our new house with a new oven. It’s kind of ironic because I was actually selling my baking out of my apartment to people I knew and never had any problems…I just fured healthier baked goods bake a lot faster. This could definitely explain why some people have trouble when making other peoples recipes…the wrong temp could definitely throw everything off! I usually only use my oven on 3 temps – 350, 375 and 400 and my decision is made based on how hungry I am and how fast I want the food to be ready. When we moved into our current house we inherited a beautiful stove with both a conventional and a convection oven. Well, I found at first that my stuff wasn’t baking as expected even in the conventional oven… Haven’t really had problems with the oven, but my stove top heats up very quickly, and we sometimes need to adjust. Reply Man, all I could think when reading this was “That oven is OLD?!

<em>Kenmore</em> 4 Burner LP Gas Grill with Side Burner and Storage - Kmart

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But, the next place, you can be sure I’ll be checking it out! Reply I had actually read similar when I was trying to find a reason for why my baked goods NEVER came out rht…surely it must be the oven’s fault, rht? In our old, dumpy apartment the oven was almost 100 degrees hher than what you set it at. Reply I did this when I become convinced that my oven runs hot. I’ve started rotating pans half way through baking when possible to account for the hot spot. I know this is something I should do, but I haven’t.

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I’ve heard similar things about oven temps going up and down.

Kenmore 425 owners manual:

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