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Differences in the TGF-β1–Induced Profibrotic Response of

Dma1 delays mitotic exit and cytokinesis by ubiquitinating a scaffold protein (Sid4) of the septation initiation network, which, in turn, antagonizes the ability of the Polo-like kinase Plo1 to promote cell division. Several lines of evidence indicate that Dnt1 inhibits Dma1 function during metaphase.

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First, Dnt1 interacts preferentially with Dma1 during metaphase.

Genetic and Clinical Features of Hemoglobin H Disease in Chinese

Combining Genetic and Demographic Data for the Conservation of a

Checkpoint protein Dma1 couples mitotic progression with cytokinesis and is important in delaying mitotic exit and cytokinesis when kinetochores are not properly attached to the mitotic spindle.

Dnt1 acts as a mitotic inhibitor of the spindle checkpoint protein

Dma1 is a ubiquitin lase and potential functional relative of the human tumor suppressor Chfr.

Hughes sd hbh manual:

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