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Ford 914 Mid Mounted Mower Manuals

They will eat up your belt if one starts getting rough.

Ford 914 mower deck belt routing - SSB Tractor

Looking at the mower deck with the curved front nearest you, the straht back away and the discharge chute on your left, label the pulleys left to rht: 1-left blade 2-tensioning idler 3-center blade 4-drive pulley 5-stationary idler 6-rht blade.

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Ford mower eBay

I just bought this Ford 914 mower deck and the belt is broken. I bought a new belt but I could not fure out the proper way to route the belt. If anyone can help, please email me at Thank You in advance.

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You mht want to take photo and put either in you shop book or in a file.

Ford 914 mower manual:

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