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I can see single instances of the luns, with their 'friendly names' in nssmu and I have initialized and shared the luns, but the messages still keep scrolling through and I am having trouble re-creating the SBD on one of the new luns (sep.

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Post in clustering forum) Can anyone give me some insht into what these messages mean? Superficially it looks OK, and I have been able to create an nss based pool cluster resource and fail that over to all 3 nodes, but I am concerned about the messages and the fact I can't re-create the sbd...!

VRTSaslapm for Storage Foundation and Hh Availability SFHA.

VRTSaslapm for Storage Foundation and Hh Availability SFHA.

Hi We are mrating from a Net Ware cluster against an EMC CX500 SAN to a new OES2SP1 LX cluster running against a CX4-120.

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The OES2SP1 LX cluster was orinally confured to run against some spare space (LUNS) we had in the CX500, whilst we awaited the delivery and confuration of the CX4-120.

Emc cx500 manual download:

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