Electrolux rm212 fridge manual

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On older model Electrolux instead of pushing a knob in to get gas flowing you pulled the knob out....

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Thanks Rattles for taking the trouble to preserve this information for other forum members.

Volt <b>Fridge</b> and Freezer Troubleshooting Marine.

Electrolux RM212 Fridge / Freezer Parts Partmaster

Other manuals can be added to this thread and/or indexed as we go. Hasn't been out of the shed in 25 years but is in great condition. My question is about a manual for the old electrolux fridge in the van ? any help or pointing in a direction would be great Thanks Peter.

Volt Fridge and Freezer Troubleshooting Marine.

A few weeks ago Rattles posted links to the users manuals for several pieces of caravan equipment.

Electrolux rm212 fridge manual:

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