Air force manual 10-206

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What you describe seems to fit the "and other aerial phenomena not obviously identifiable as conventional aircraft or missiles", which leaves open what exactly they mean by UFOs. plus, there are some "clues" in the document itself that make it look iffy rht away! Here's the reason, I once worked for the GPO and an older PPO who has long passed away, ed me over from my desk and showed me a document that was very similar. I have been advised classified instructions and documents exist concerning this subject, but has yet I haven't managed to identify these documents, if they exist that is.

US-Air-Force-Airmans-Manual-AFMAN10-100 -

It is interesting that they mention the UFOs at all though, after saying that they don't care about UFOs since project Blue Book closed. I don't think it is, but, not because the government is hiding secrets about exoatmospheric life forms (they do exist) but because the government can't keep a secret no matter how hard it tries.

Incorporating Change 1, 24 June 2011

A DOD Manual, page 1 - Above Top Secret

The defintion they give is: "imagery that records UFOs and other aerial phenomena not obviously identifiable as conventional aircraft or missiles". the amount of time, money and indoctrination it would take to make a compartment like "MAJIC" completely secure is staggering. Printing Office, PPO- Printing Procurement Officer). Surprised that it mention UFOs at all it seems that all public government documents have the term UFO removed including AFI (Air Force Instruction) 10-206.


Also, it outlines what the procedure is when photos are presented- scan the 'negatives' (if any) and what type of film to scan them on. I was expecting something a little more exciting lol Thanks for sharing though They don't seem to be too concerned about the UFOs.

Air force manual 10-206:

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