User manual for armitron watch

Armitron watch user manual

LAP Chronograph allows the user to view the elapsed time for a particular interval, then resets to zero to measure the discrete time of the next interval.

PDF File Armitron Dital Watch Manual - ADWMPDF-WWRG15-5

Below ten seconds, an alarm (ÔBeepÕ) will sound every second.

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Armitron 20/1277-79-81 User's Manual

When the Timer has expired, the alarm (ÔBeep Beep BeepÕ) will sound for ten seconds or until any button is pressed.

PDF File Armitron Watch Instruction Manual - WWRG7-AWIMPDF-0

NOTE: Excessive use of backlht will shorten battery life. Do not operate the push buttons below the surface of the water.

User manual for armitron watch:

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