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The thread take-up arm drive means is a pushplate biased in an up position by a leaf spring having adjustable tension. Other multicolor embroidery machines have the several needles mounted in and arranged along either a curved or a flat plate, where change is effected by moving the plate, as shown in Sacchetti U. It is another object of the invention to provide a multihead embroidery machine where each head has only one drive shaft for operating the thread take-up arm drive means and the needle assembly drive means, for driving only one of a plurality of color stitching sets at a time without any mechanical connection between thread take-up arms or needle assemblies of adjacent heads, and for providing an improved thread take-up arm motion and stitching action.

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A thread take-up arm drive means for a multihead embroidery machine in which identical heads have automatic color change capability such that the color thread stitched on the plurality of embroidery heads is changed substantially simultaneously. The multiplicity of gears are subject to wear and slippage over time, and the thread take-up arms are subject to backlash movements during decoupling.

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A sliding carriage associated with each head contains a plurality of associated color stitching sets of thread take-up arms and needle bars. Consequently, the threads are subjected to variable tensions that weaken the thread and result in uneven stitches in the workpieces.

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Each color stitching set is for stitching a different color thread. It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a multihead embroidery machine with automatic color change capability wherein each head has a plurality of color stitching sets of associated thread take-up arm, needle assembly, and color thread, and only one color stitching set is operative for stitching the associated color thread while the remaining sets are inactive and held motionless, and the color thread to be stitched is changed on each head by changing the color stitching set in stitching position.

Ultramatic 400 embroidery manual:

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