Soundcraft spirit notepad service manual

Repairing a Soundcraft Spirit E6 Mixer Switching Power Supply.

Thanks in advance- jjai Thanks for the reply, Milan -- do you know if pins 1 and 3 are in phase or out of phase?

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Since I inherited this mixer and I'm not sure of it's condition, I'm trying to find a power supply that I can use to test it before purchasing a new PSU from Soundcraft.

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Broken Spirit Folio Powerpad - YouTube

I just acquired a Soundcraft Spirit Folio 10/2, missing it's power supply.

Free Soundcraft Diagrams, Schematics, Service Manuals.

Does anyone have a copy of the schematic for this mixer, or know the output voltage/current and pin-out of the power supply unit?

Soundcraft spirit notepad service manual:

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