Korg monopoly service manual

Korg Mono-Poly MP-4 -1981 Weht = 26.5 Lbs. - Sound Doctorin

I boosted the volume in the hopes that it was just too low for it to register, but when I did that it gave me the P5 error code again.

Robert wittek synthesizer - Synthesizer. AT

After this, it reverts to program 11 and parameter 11.

ModyPoly tubbutec

Synth Hacker Mono/Poly - Amount of Detuning

I tried reloading the factory presets with a file of the data tape, but at first it didn't seem to recognise that it was being played.

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It then takes us up to 10 working days to build and test the kit before we can despatch it.

Korg monopoly service manual:

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