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Using Intel® Math Kernel Library on Intel® Xeon Phi Coprocessors

Intel SSE3 based processors are still supported through other hy-optimized Intel MKL core libraries Support for the following Operating Systems is deprecated and will be removed starting Intel® MKL 11.2 release Function void MKL_SET_CPU_FREQUENCY (double*) is removed as it was a dummy function Parameter MKL_AVX_ENABLE for the function " int mkl_enable_instructions(int)" was deprecated since Intel® MKL 10.3 and is now removed DFTI parameter for the method DFTI_ERROR_CLASS was deprecated since Intel® MKL 10.1.1 and is now removed Intel® MKL 11.0Intel® MKL 11.0 will have backward incompatibility with Intel® MKL 10.2 update 3 • Open MP static library on Microsoft* Windows • GMP* Arithmetic functions • Intel® MKL Reference Manual will be removed from product package • Intel® Pentium® III Processors will no longer be supported • Red Hat* EL4 and PGI* FORTRAN 10.x support will be dropped • PGI* Fortran 77 support will be removed • Disabled timing function mkl_set_cpu_frequency() to perform useful work - use mkl_get_max_cpu_frequency(), mkl_get_clocks_frequency(), and mkl_get_cpu_frequency() as described in the Intel MKL Reference Manual.

Intel® Math Kernel Library for Mac OS* X User's Guide

The Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) is composed of hy optimized mathematical functions for engineering and scientific applications requiring hh performance on Intel platforms. The layers are the interface layer, the threading layer, and the computational layer.

<strong>Intel</strong>® Math Kernel Library for Mac OS* X User's Guide

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Intel® MKL 11.2 The mkl_p4p and mkl_vml_p4p libraries for IA-32 architecture and mkl_p4n and mkl_vml_p4n libraries for Intel® 64 architecture are no longer provided.

Intel® Math Kernel Library Intel® MKL Intel® Software

These libraries contained optimizations specific to Intel® processors utilizing Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (Intel® SSE3).

Intel mkl 11.0 reference manual:

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