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Living Alongside Wildlife Readers Write In I Ran Over A Large.

I ran over it, but didn't get to apply the hand brake and it - I probably shouldn't such a majestic snake, but I have friends that live within a mile of where this snake was and they have children and pets and I just always feel like I'm helping a human by ing a poisonous snake.

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If you have checked out past Readers Write In snake identification challenges or follow me on Twitter, you know that I often tell people that if you are upset at someone who has just ed a snake, the worst thing you can do is berate or insult them.

HYP RECORDS/Odd Pop Commerce--Hunting & Game ing

HYP RECORDS/Odd Pop Commerce--Hunting & Game ing

Otherwise, you're not helping change the outcome of future interactions to something more harmonious.

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They would not do that if I was mean to them.r to I65, that runs north and south through the middle of the state.

Herter's professional guide manual:

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