Generac mega force 6500 owner's manual

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A: If your unit has been sitting around for a long time, it may be hard to start. Outdoor Extension Cord and a multi-outlet power strip with a minimum of 100 joules rating.

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In all cases you should check the oil level prior to starting.

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A: Most generators come with a dipstick to check the oil level, fill to FULL mark on dipstick. Operating the unit without oil will ruin the engine. Do not plug your generator into your home through a dryer outlet.

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If a dipstick does not exist, remove oil fill cap; fill to where the oil is just dripping on to the ground. Remember to check engine oil level before every use. If your generator is to be used as a stand-by power source in case of utility power failure, it should be installed by a licensed and registered electrician and in compliance with all applicable local electrical codes, generally some types of manual transfer switch is required. For Emergency power to appliances it is recommended to use a 12 ga.

Generac mega force 6500 owner's manual:

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