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Antec Power Supply Trouble - PJRC

: The Asus A7N8X motherboard, which is installed in this system, powers the CPU from the 5 volt line without using the 12 volt input much. I retested this failed power supply on another motherboard, and still only 4.5 volts.

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So the A7N8X may have stressed it, but the Antec power supply is definitely bad.: Eric provided a link to this discussion (with photo) of Antec's use of poor quality capacitors which causes this problem.

Antec Power Supply Trouble - PJRC

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Some people have told me Antec has a great reputation and they have not experienced problems. Stable power at correct voltages is important for reliable operation. This happens even if you have a "normal" system that doesn't use nearly the full capacity of the power supply.

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This page is a quick rant about the same failure experienced with two separate Antec "True" power supplies.

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