Colt cobra 38 special manual

The Colt Cobra.38 Special – CONCEALED CARRY ARIZONA

The 2″ barrel model wehed 15 oz until around 1972 when the weht went up to 16oz. Here is serial number information for the Cobra and it’s spinoffs: Post-1972 (shrouded ejector rod) models: The owner’s manual says that these guns are rated for P ammunition.

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Colt stated that it intended to totally phase out the production of all D series revolvers by October 1978. 188, which shows 1014 fps for this load (W38SPD) it has since been rated in modern times @ 890 fps) Most standard factory 158 grain lead offerings run around 740-790 fps while most standard available 38 special P lead offerings run 900-950.

<strong>Colt</strong> <strong>Cobra</strong> The Return of the <strong>Colt</strong> Double-Action Revolver

Colt Cobra The Return of the Colt Double-Action Revolver

Colt stated that it had made this cutback because it wanted to focus it’s resources on other lines. From what I can pick up from various internet articles and other publications there were a few changes/modifications on the desn, the below may not be 100% accurate: Early 1950s: Full length grip frame. With some manufacturers such as Buffalo Bore advertising P at 1000-1250 fps.

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It has gold USAF medallions instead of silver Colt medallions. The Colt Agent was a cheaper version of the Cobra made from 1962-1979. Larger profile rear sht 1966 : Shortened grip frame. I train with a few cylinders of the P every once in a while. Here is why I have that opinion on the matter: Before the adaptation of the .38 special P standard in 1974 there was .38 Special Hh Speed.

Colt cobra 38 special manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates