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Colt made the Cobra from the using raw forgings purchased from The Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), and the alloy was a special one formulated for Colt for use in the Cobra. This material was also used in the Colt lhtweht Commander model. It wehed 14 ounces and was available only in .38 Special caliber, with a 2-inch barrel and blued finish. If you look at some old factory data compared to the new load data and new factory data, you can clearly see the .38 special load standards were hher than they are today. Standard: 1958 Federal 158 grain lead 8 Federal 158 grain lead 8 Federal American Eagle 158 LRN 7 Remington 158 gr LRN 7 Winchester 158 Gr LRN or LSWCHP 755 fps Reload data: 2007 book 158 grain lead 708-844 fps start 2007 book158 grain lead 781 to 967 fps max Hh Speed / Modern P 1971 Federal 158 grain lead 10 Winchester 158 grain LSWCHP 8 Remington 158 gr P LSWCHP 890 fps Reload Data: 2007 Book 158 gr lead 781-938 start 2007 Book 158 grain lead 843-1037 fps max In comparison in 1972 the FBI introduced their P standard 158ge LSWCHP load @ around 1000 fps.

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The Cobra was chambered in the following calibers: .38 Special, .38 N. The Colt Viper was essentially made as a 4″ Colt Cobra in .38 Special. In the Shooting Times from March 1978 issue, writer Clair Rees included a side-box in a Colt Viper review that claimed just as the issue was going to press, Colt had announced on December 2, 1977 that it was discontinuing all of it’s D series revolvers (Detective Special, Viper, Diamondback, Agent, and Cobra). ( According to others: The Law Enforcement Handgun Dest of 1972 has a velocity chart on p.

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Colt stated that it had made this cutback because it wanted to focus it’s resources on other lines. From what I can pick up from various internet articles and other publications there were a few changes/modifications on the desn, the below may not be 100% accurate: Early 1950s: Full length grip frame. With some manufacturers such as Buffalo Bore advertising P at 1000-1250 fps.

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It has gold USAF medallions instead of silver Colt medallions. The Colt Agent was a cheaper version of the Cobra made from 1962-1979. Larger profile rear sht 1966 : Shortened grip frame. I train with a few cylinders of the P every once in a while. Here is why I have that opinion on the matter: Before the adaptation of the .38 special P standard in 1974 there was .38 Special Hh Speed.

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