Yaskawa g7 electronic line shaft manual

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Hh Precision: The Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) function allows a drive to precisely follow a master encoder (PG) snal in speed, direction, and phase Flexible Gear Ratio: The gear ratio between the master and the follower is adjustable.

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Tech Manual - Yaskawa

In addition, a gear ratio adjustment (“draw”) can be added to the speed reference via parameter, analog input, multi-function input MOP or serial communication Position Matching: The follower can match its position (phase angle) to the master within several quadrature encoder counts Two proximity switches: The automatic alnment feature is using two proximity switches connected to the trger inputs on the follower drive.

Dual Encoder Feedback Option Card PG-W2 - Yaskawa

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Yaskawa g7 electronic line shaft manual:

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