Nike sq dymo str8-fit driver manual

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Players can add or subtract 1/2 degree of loft and also choose one of four hh-performance shafts to perfectly fit their swing -- a process PING s Trajectory Tuning For all ability levels, the external wehting of the large, forgiving G20 driver helps launch the ball hh with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy.

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PING’s proprietary hh-balance point shaft enables you to swing the clubhead with more mass at the same speed, generating fast ball speeds at a hh MOI for long, straht drives.

Golf <i>Driver</i> Technology Explained - Golf Today

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The combination of Forged Composite and Opti Fit Technology makes away's first driver featuring adjustability the performance leader.

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The Opti Fit Hosel allows players to adjust the face angle for improved accuracy and trajectory while the Opti Fit Wehts can be adjusted to promote either Draw or Neutral ball flhts.

Nike sq dymo str8-fit driver manual:

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