Motorola bluetooth owners manual

Motorola Bluetooth Owners Manual PDF.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN Charging Port CHARGE Your Headset's Battery Note: Headset is not functional while charging. 1 2 3 4 5 Your phone's Bluetooth® feature is off by default.


1 Plug the Motorola charger into the end of the headset. The Bluetooth feature remains on until you turn the feature off. To use your headset, you must turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone.

<em>Motorola</em> <em>Bluetooth</em> <em>Owners</em> <em>Manual</em> PDF.

Motorola Bluetooth Owners Manuals PDF.

Quick Start Guide motorola H375 Button Power Button Indicator Lht Volume Button s Microphone Speaker Earhook Before using this product, read the Important Safety and Legal Information pampet and follow its instructions.

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Motorola bluetooth owners manual:

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