Manual of bayonet exercise 1862

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A non-military reader would scarcely believe it, if told, that after teaching our soldiers only to fix and to unfix their bayonetsand to charge in one position, we leave them to direct or misdirect their weapons as they please, whereas all the military nations of Europe have authorised in their armies regular systems of attack and defence.

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The feeling still lingers, however, amongst some officers of the different services, who oppose the innovation for a peculiar reason.

<strong>Manual</strong> of <strong>bayonet</strong> <strong>exercise</strong> - 1st Maine Cavalry

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PREFACE THE days have been when there was a prejudice against attempting to introduce into our armies a regular System of Bayonet Exercise.

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The objections urged by them against Bayonet Practice arethat the men should be taught to depend solely upon the charge, when they have nothing to do but to keep together in line,that the real old English system is to thrust at the enemy without any other consideration but to run him through the body,and that the soldier that is induced to rely upon his individual strength or s would be more likely to leave the ranks, thus throwing them into disorder.

Manual of bayonet exercise 1862:

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