Albatross spot cleaner manual

SPRAY GUNS & PARTS - American Niagara

Outside Dimension 20" x 24"Inside Dimension 17" x 21"Frame Width 1-3/8"Stretched to approximately 20 Newtons No more warping with Aluminum Frames.

Spot Remover - Atlas Screen Supply

Gravity -driven device that never requires re-calibration.

<em>Spot</em> Cleaning Guns - Anthem Screen Printing

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Clearly marked dial reading from 7 to 50 N/cm Anodized aluminum body with stainless steel parts Bar-type screen sensing element Hhest accuracy and repeatability /-1 N/cm Expanded dial offers the most accurate readings Field repairable. Aluminum Frames will hold their tension longer reducing the amount of screens purchased.

Manual Frames 20 x 24 - Atlas Screen Supply

Does not need calibration after repair6 month warranty Made in the USA No more trying to hold your screen with one hand and coat with the other. Our Aluminum Frames are as inexpensive as Wood and sometimes even less than Wood Frames. Frames have welded rounded corners and are stretched to approximately 20 Newtons.

Albatross spot cleaner manual:

Rating: 90 / 100

Overall: 87 Rates