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The Pro-Form 765i interactive trainer treadmill protects your joints with its air chamber cushioning concept.

Pro-Form 765i Interactive Trainer Treadmill - Fitness-Equipment

For under $1000 you can purchase the Pro-Form 765i interactive trainer treadmill.

Pro-Form <i>765i</i> Interactive Trainer <i>Treadmill</i> - Fitness-Equipment

EBook Proform treadmill 765i manual

This 150-pound exercise dynamo, a product of Pro Form Fitness Equipment, has a running track 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. They include 5 workout CDs desned to enhance your workout experience.

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The Pro-Form 765i interactive trainer treadmill also comes with its own 5 Star Burn and Tone Kit.

Proform treadmill 765i manual:

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