Manual on municipal solid waste management cpheeo

Municipal Waste

Environment Ministry had promulgated the Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules in2000 which is now being revamped as Solid Waste Management Rules 2015 while the Mo UD has prepared a draft manual on MSWM to support cities and towns on planning and implementing a proper MSWM system in line with the SWM Rules being promulgated in 2015.


The Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules (Mo EF 2000) in India, defines ‘municipal solid waste (MSW)’ as ‘commercial and residential wastes generated in municipal or notified areas in either solid or semi-solid form excluding industrial hazardous wastes but includes treated bio-medical wastes.’ It includes household garbage and rubbish, street sweeping, construction and demolition debris, sanitation residues, non hazardous industrial refuse and treated bio-medical solid wastes.

<em>Manual</em> On <em>Solid</em> <em>Waste</em> <em>Management</em> <em>Cpheeo</em>


Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) has emerged as a b challenge not only because of the health and environmental concerns but also due to huge quantities of waste generated.

Manual On Solid Waste Management Cpheeo

Segregation of waste, door to door waste collection, technologies for the treatment of waste, land resources and scientific disposal methods are some of the major challenges.

Manual on municipal solid waste management cpheeo:

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