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The pictures show how both, the American models dashboards and the Spanish ones are the same, excluding the glove compartment, which doesn't exist in the American CJ3b.

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If you know of any reliable information regarding this model, I would appreciate if you let me know. to allow them to build the Univesal Jeep in our country. On the contrary, the Spanish model has two supports on the top part of the windshield which lean on the hood.

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In the late 50's, Kaise, owner of Willys Overland (which was named Willys Motor Company) gave exclusive rhts to C. The back door is completely flat in the Spanish model, only showing the word Willys stamped on the middle, unlike the characteristic door in the american model. Although there's not reliable information about the rear lhts in the MB-CJ3B, they were probably different.

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His is some information I've been compiling from several web pages, forums and by comparing pictures. Since there's nothing published about this model of Jeep I can't give references. decides to perform this task at its daughter company V. The main difference looking at the front of both models is the plate with the make Willys-Viasa on it in the Spanish model where in the American one has the make Willys stamped on the top of the grille.

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