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Eventhough the Spanish model shares the body with the American model, there're a lot of little differences, and some others not so little, which give each model their own characteristics, and allow to distinguish them at a glance.

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A It's in 1959, when the first permit to import parts and machinery was given by the Trade Ministry, in order to assemble the first units in the V. The windshields are also different, and therefore it's quite likely that Viasa built both models with different dashboards but the same windshield.

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His is some information I've been compiling from several web pages, forums and by comparing pictures. Since there's nothing published about this model of Jeep I can't give references. decides to perform this task at its daughter company V. The main difference looking at the front of both models is the plate with the make Willys-Viasa on it in the Spanish model where in the American one has the make Willys stamped on the top of the grille.

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Some other information was provided by Francisco M. My only goal is to keep this information somewhere so that it doesn't get forgotten. You can also see that the American model has two wooden blocks fixed on the hood in order to lean the windshield on when this is lowered.

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