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Direct physiological methods including ψ (Garnier and Berger, 1985; Mc Cutchan and Shackel, 1992) have greater relevance to plant functioning than soil-based measures because these measurements integrate both the effects of soil water available to the plant and the climatic conditions with physiological processes (Jones, 2004; Naor et al., 2006; van Zyl, 1987; Williams et al., 1994), which impact crop productivity directly (Grimes and Williams, 1990; Marsal et al., 2008).

Flow Monitoring Instrumentation for Irration Applications

Predawn and midday ψ is a snificant and reliable indicator of plant water status for scheduling the irration of various crops (e.g., Deb et al., 2011a; Goldhamer and Fereres, 2001; Mc Cutchan and Shackel, 1992; Naor et al., 2001; Olivo et al., 2009; Shackel et al., 1997; Williams and Baeza, 2007).

Reproduced Solar Radiation Derived from Electric Current of Solar.

Reproduced Solar Radiation Derived from Electric Current of Solar.

At three canopy hehts were correlated under both dry and wet soil conditions.

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However, although soil water contents at Site 2 (silty clay loam texture) remained hher compared with Site 1 (sandy loam), ψ measured at three canopy hehts over several irration cycles during the 2010 season were correlated with one another, midday soil water content at different depths, and atmospheric vapor pressure deficit (VPD).

Hobo u30 weather station manual:

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