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Until now, Hitachi has seemingly concentrated on making accessible LCD projectors for those users wanting a one-stop solution for all their video, games console and PC needs; the kind of models that spark impulse purchases and offer a nice if never world-beating performance from an unusually wide variety of sources.

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But the brand hasn't looked particularly likely to deliver a hher-spec projector really able to satisfy the sort of uncompromising movie fan who cares about image performance above price.

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The extravagant curves, grilles, glossy deep grey finish and enormous lens array of the TX200 raise it to an aesthetic level that almost rivals the sumptuous looks of Sim2's projectors.

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These positive impressions continue with the TX200's connectivity: there's an HDMI input, component video, a standard PC connector, the usual lesser quality video options, and even a 12V trger.

Hitachi pj-tx200 projector manual:

Rating: 98 / 100

Overall: 89 Rates