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Perhaps your photo is overexposed (too brht) or underexposed (too dark). This ebook gives you detailed and easy to learn tutorials with examples of how to use the Colors menu and Plugins.

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You'll discover how to employ the secrets hidden within the tools that transform ordinary out-of-the-camera photos and give them a 'WOW' factor.

<i>GIMP</i> 2.8 Plus - <i>Gimp2</i>- <i>Gimp</i> 2.8, tutorials, photo.

GIMP Manual 2.8.2 released - GIMP

The new version contains new translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Catalan), improvements (for instance, a language menu in the online version and a Bugzilla “report errors” link on every page) and many bug fixes. Then you'd see that 2.8.10 is not a development version nor will 2.10 be.


Working on your photographs in GIMP, or any photo editor, is known as post processing (PP).

Gimp 2 user manual download:

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