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Also, under the hood, is a gravity activated lamp . The VSS is a input to the engine computer , speed data is sent to instrument cluster by serial data communication network , The gauge is probably bad , but you should have it check before replacing parts .

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Open the hood and make sure that it's going off and staying off as the hood closes... When the alarm is on have the codes read by a scanner. In some cases it could be a code indication relay replacement.

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P0411 Volkswagen Secondary Air Injection System Incorrect Flow Detected LOL some of you people on here come up with some interesting terminology ( popping a code ) The computer set's DTC'S diagnostic trouble codes an with the aid of a scan tool we read these codes . there are some ceiling mounted lhts that are passenger operated and may be on...

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Check your battery terminals make sure they are clean and corrosion free. Also check your glove compartment and consoles for lhts. These have indicator lhts and sometimes can drain the batt as well.

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