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Present time power systems are being operated nearer to their stability limits due to economic and environmental reasons. It is a process of determining the most efficient way to execute a given query by considering the possible query plans. Six test plates with varying dimple densities; by varying the input voltage Nusselt No. This study investates the heat transfer characteristics of Plate with dimpled surface. Ali 2009 Elsevier Inc " Augmentation of heat transfer from heat source placed downstream a guide" [2] Arthur E. [5] Shreya Das and Monisha Chakraborty, "QRS Detection Algorithm Using Savitzky-Golay Filter", ACEEE Int. The reinforced SCC columns were exposed to direct fire fame temperature levels of 7o F (400 and 800o C) for 1.5 hour period of exposure at 60 days age. and Fritz H., "Ecological Performance of SCC," The Swiss Society of Engineering and Architects, 2001, pp. [4] Dirch, H.; Mehta, R; and Rune, M., "Rheology of Self-compacting Mortars, Influence of Particle Grading," Research and Development Centre, Aalborg, Denmark, 2000, pp. [5] Su, K.; Cho, W.; Yang, C.; and Huang, R., "Effect of Sand Ratio on the Elastic Modulus of SCC," Journal of Marine Science and Technology, V. One cycle of waveform, covering pre-fault and post-fault information is abstracted for analysis. Abstract: This paper presents an adaptive Power System Stabilizer (PSS) using an Adaptive Network Based Vague Inference System (ANVIS).

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Maintaining a stable and secure operation of a powersystem is therefore a very important and challenging issue. The approach suggested in the paper is mainly focused on join operation of the query. Over the past couple of years the focus on using concavities or dimples provides enhanced heat transfer has been documented by a number of researchers. Bergles " hh-flux processes through enhanced heat transfer" [3] Yaroslav Chudnovsky 2004 AI Ch ESpring cal Meeting "vortex heat transfer enhancement for chemical industry fired heaters [4] Qiuwang Wang , Qiuyang Chen, Ling Wang , Min Zeng, Yanping Huang, Zejun Xiao ,2006 Elsevier " Experimental study of heat transfer enhancement in narrow rectangular channel with longitudinal vortex generators" [5] Srinath V. Roy "Data dependent Sense Amplifier flip flop for low power application," IEEE con.2010 [3] H. Sakurai, "A reduced clock swing flip flop (RCFF) for 63% Power reduction" IEEE J. It was found that the predicted load carrying capacity of SCC columns by three codes (ACI-318/08, BS-8110/97 and Canadian/84), was unconservative after burning except the BS Code equation which was found able to predict load capacity after exposure to hh fire temperature levels. The discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is used for data preprocessing. An Adaptive Vague Set Based Controller Power System Stabilizer (AVCPSS) has been evaluated.

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Shunt FACTS devices play an important role in improving the transient stability, increasing transmission capacity and damping low frequency oscillations. Previous work done was based on semi-join approach for query optimization but a semi-join needs more local processing such as projection and hher data transmission. Osborn,"Experiments with the use of reduction filters in distributed query optimization" , in proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems,(pp.327-330). Rubin,"Statistics for Management", Pearson Publication, seventh edition Abstract: This study represents simulation of aerofoil composite beam by using Monte Carlo method sampling. C., "A Simple Closed-Form Solution of Bending Stiffness for Laminated Composite Tubes", Journal of Reinforced Plastic & Composites, vol. Ekkad , David Kontrovitz 2002 Elsevier Science "jet impingement heat transfer on dimpled target surfaces" Abstract: This paper reports the merits of multi lead rifled [MLR] tubes in vertical water tube boiler using CFD tool. Load-deflection curves indicate deleterious response to the fire exposure. [2] Campion, M., and Jost, P., "SCC: Expanding the Possibilities of Concrete Desn and Placement," Concrete International, No. It is applied for decomposition of fault transients, because of its ability to extract information from the transient snal, simultaneously both in time and frequency domain. Malik," Transmission line protection based on wavelet transform" , IEEE Trans. Brahma "Fault location on a transmission line using Synchronized voltage measurements", IEEE Transactions on power Delivery, Vol.19, No.4,pp.1619-1622,2004 [3] Feng Liang and B. Anderson, "Wireless Sensor Networks for Habitat Monitoring," in the Proceedings of ACM-WSNA Conf., Sep. [3] Kemal Akkaya *, Mohamed Younis, "A survey on routing protocols for wireless sensor networks. This AVCPSS is capable of providing appropriate stabilization snals over a broad range of operating conditions and disturbances.

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In this paper shunt FACTS device-SVC is used in a two area power system for improving the power system stability. Key words: FACTS, long transmission line, MATLAB, SVC, power system stability, three phase fault. To improve the previous approach, the filter based approach is utilized. [3] Yu Liang," Reduction of collisions in bloom filters during distributed query optimization ", Master's Thesis, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1999. Osborn "The use of reduction filters in distributed query optimization", Master's thesis, The University of Windsor,1998. A three dimensional transient analysis of large displacement type has been carried out. Heat transfer enhancement of MLR tubes was mainly taken in to consideration. Key words: Burning; Fire Flame; Load Carrying Capacity; SCC Columns Reference [1] Sakai, K., and Sheikh, S. MATLAB software is used to simulate different operating and fault conditions on hh voltage transmission line, namely single phase to ground fault, line to line fault, double line to ground and three phase short circuit. Power Delivery, Vol.19, No.2,pp.515-523, April 2004. Jeya Surya,"Transmission line protection using wavelet transform based algorithm", IEEE Trans. A Vague Controller (VC) is synthesized by using the notion of vague sets, which are a generalization of fuzzy sets and synonyms of the interval type fuzzy set.

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