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The Holiness revival of the latter half of the 19th century - which gave rise to several s, notably the Church of the Nazarene - influenced all holiness s to some degree.

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Holiness Churches, a loose family of some 20 Protestant denominations in Canada that are in general bibliy conservative if not fundamentalist, Arminian in theology (ie, rejecting CALVINIST predestination and holding out hope of salvation for all), and advocates of austerity and discipline in lifestyle.

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The term "holiness" derives from a commitment to the individual pursuit of " Christian perfection," also termed "second blessing," "sanctification" or "holiness." This state, whether achieved instantaneously or gradually, comes through the action of God's Spirit following EVANGELICAL conversion.

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A variety of sources in METHODISM, German pietism and American revivalism help explain a number of secondary differences in belief and practice.

United church canada camping standards manual:

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