Sir pnr2 installation manual

Pioneer siriusconnect tuner sir pnr2

The satellites' “clear line of sht” keeps drivers tuned to the selected channels without obstruction from buildings or trees.

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The SIR-PNR2 is a SIRIUS Dital Satellite Tuner for use with Pioneer "SAT Radio Ready” Headunits and AV Receivers. For more information on SIRIUS Satellite Radio, visit

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SIR-PNR2 - Connect and Listen with a Sirius Dital Satellite Radio.

Features IP-Bus Input and Output, Single-Pole Sirius Antenna included, and 1-year Warranty.

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Stay Tuned to the Dital-Quality Sound On-board: SIRIUS Satellite Radio Enjoy SIRIUS Satellite Radio on board!

Sir pnr2 installation manual:

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