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Related: The 10 Most Annoying Car Features According to Ed Kim, vice president of industry analysis at Auto Pacific, manual windows are primarily available in subcompact models in the passenger-car market, and they help automakers keep prices as low as possible for car shoppers who want a new car without all the expensive features.

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Kim said there isn't a snificant segment of the population that manual windows, but those who get them are "really doing it because it's the cheapest new car they can afford." Looking at features data on model-year-2016 vehicles proves it; crank windows come in models like the Ford Fiesta S, Nissan Versa S, Chevrolet Sonic LS and Kia Rio LX.

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Lexus has built a working hoverboard prototype while Nike has announced the Mag sneaker with power laces, albeit in limited numbers to be auctioned for charity.

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Cars have also come a long way since the time-traveling De Lorean DMC-12, but despite all the advanced active safety features and entertainment technology that can be packed into today's cars, more than a few 2016 models still have old-school manual side windows that seem, especially now, from a bygone automotive era.

Can i convert manual windows to electric:

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