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Arri Arriflex 16 SRII Hh Speed Camera, x3 400ft Mags. The RCU-1 is a practical remote control and program unit for the Arriflex film cameras: from the ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 through the 535, 535B, most models of 435 and the 235. This is a supreme 35mm cinema superspeed/hhspeed lens made by Carl Zeiss in Germany. I'm glad to propose up for the sale Carl Zeiss Jena DDR MC 4/50mm Flektogon adapted for using on Arriflex movie cameras.

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Large assortment of cables and connectors and other access... Would probably benefit from a bit of lubrication, two of them were not running as silent as they can but they p... Mit seinem Brennweitenbereich ist es eine interessante Option für Fotografen, die ein vielseites Zoom mit großem Brennweitenberei...

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Arriflex iib instruction manual:

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