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Since you are a) ghetto or b)far away from a LBS, make sure you save the oil that comes out of the corresponding ends.

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Hey there, I lowered my float 32 w/out special tools, and more importantly, without using spacers of any kind, and since this method is not mentioned in the tech/service manuals online, I decided to make a tutorial for those ones who'd like to save money or have limited access to a good LBS. Know your Fox website for the basics: site tells you how to remove the basics; air caps, top and bottom caps/nuts, the air pressures needed..etc, and this tutorial assumes you know everything from this site.2.

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Find a nice large area for you to sit w/ some good music preferably3. Note the rusty hammer and the dollar store mallet.4.

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The information presented in this page represents the latest oil recommendations from Fox engineering, for all fork products.

2008 fox f120 rlc manual:

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