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Osprey Analog PCIe Series User Guide - Osprey Video

Because of the enormous processing power available on today's video cards you can work on much hher resolutions and frame-rates with the DXV Codec with much lower CPU and RAM usage.

Datapath VisionAV-SDI User Manual - STEMMER

The DXV Codec is a cross-platform Quicktime codec so you can use from any video application that supports rendering to the Quicktime (.mov) file format on the Mac and PC.

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DXV Codec - Resolume Avenue & Arena Manual

Applications that are supported: Quicktime Player Pro, Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Maya, Etc. All you have to do is select the DXV 3 Codec, choose your preferred preset and start rendering.

Niagara 9100 User Guide for Niagara SCX version. - Niagara

Rendering movies with the DXV Codec is extremely easy because there is very little to confure. For a detailed guide on how to export with most major video applications, check below.

Windows media encoder manuale:

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