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If you run nix it will run natively and is likely in your package manager or what have you not (macports?

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), otherwise it's included in many Linux live disks, some are listed in this thread.

Solution Problem Serway Physics 8th Edition - YouTube

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As @Chris F mentioned, spinning a damaged cdrom up to hh speeds mht not be the wisest endeavor, and it certainly won't help the rescue effort (it's generally easier to read the text on slow moving cars, rht? I have no idea how to reduce this on Macos, but mot Linux distros let you use the command to reduce it, like so eject -X /dev/cdrom # Outputs valid speeds eject -x [the speed you want] /dev/cdrom Unless I'm very mistaken, a cd speed of 1x is approximately one rotation per second.

Solution Problem Serway Physics 8th Edition - YouTube

I can't really test how this output looks, since this computer doesn't have an optical drive.

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