Realistic pro 2021 owners manual

PRO-2021 Service Manual.pdf

It is possible to find the manual online for the Realistic Pro 2021 scanner at Line Help/OEM_Radio_Owners_Manuals/Radio Sha Here, you can find all the detailed instructions for programming your scanner.

Realistic Pro-2021 Programmable 200 Channel VHF UHF Aircraft Ham.

For a brief summary about you to set your scanner up, use the following steps. The scanner will automatiy begin to scan when the SQ is on.

RPix Database - RadioShack/<strong>Realistic</strong> - <strong>Pro</strong>-<strong>2021</strong>

Then, using the numerical keys again, key in the hher frequency and press ‘enter.

RPix Database - RadioShack/Realistic - Pro-2021

You can then use the arrows to search through the frequencies.

Realistic pro 2021 owners manual:

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