Psitek fusion 100 manual download

Fusion 100 Infusion Pump - Chemyx

This two-channel infusion syringe pump system delivers pulseless, reproducible flow rates with laboratory precision.

ActiveSMS V5.1 User Manual IntelliSoftware

Easily customizable software supports anything from simple runs to variable, multi-step volume and rate profiles, which can all be controlled through remote connectivity options. The Fusion 100 system offers a flow range from 100 p L/min to 128 m L/min (depending on syringe size) and is trusted by thousands of scientists to produce repeatable results in applications such as microfluidics, mass spectrometry calibration, and reactor injection.

Premicell <strong>Fusion</strong> 230 Least Cost Router <strong>Psitek</strong> -

Premicell Fusion 230 Least Cost Router Psitek -

This infusion system integrates seamlessly with automation software such as Lab VIEW and MATLAB to streamline laboratory workflow, and includes advanced features such as an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and a status-alert system. This item is elible for our educational discount.

Premicell Least Cost Router LCR

Premicell Psitek Fusion 230 Least Cost Router is a GSM Gateway reduces costs with interconnect GSM traffic. The Fusion 230 is suitable for a variety of environments including but not limited to corporate, SOHO or residential.

Psitek fusion 100 manual download:

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