Mm corn sheller manual

Ingenius homemade corn sheller

The tapered edges of the fins d into the space between the rows of the grains in the cob and with the forward or backward stroke the grains are released from the cob.

Shelling corn with an old wooden sheller.

Harvesting and de-husking of corn (maize) is done manually.

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De-husking of maize cobs is necessary for use on shellers. It is a manually operated simple device to remove maize grains from the dehusked cobs. The sheller consists of 4 mild steel fins tapered along their length, one edge of the fin is taper. Each fin is bent at two places in a manner for assembling in octagonal shape.

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Octagonal hand maize sheller (Fin type) is used for shelling of dehusked maize cobs, especially for seed purposes. The corners of the fins are rounded in order to avoid injury to the operator during shelling operation. The assembled sheller has thus four tapered projections inside the sheller body that accomplishes removal of the grain from the maize cob.

Mm corn sheller manual:

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