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Thought I'd put all these in their own dedicated thread (maybe even a sticky?

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) to make them easier for people to find now they're placed on more permanent webspace. New and recent additions include the Trinity Service Manual, TR-Rack Owners & Effects Manuals, DI-TRI option manual, and Trinity & TR-Rack Voice Name Lists, thanks to Pegnafroy and friends.

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Synthesizer Manuals - Cyborg Studio

The updated compilation now contains the following:- Manuals: Trinity Parameter Guide with MIDI implementation - Courtesy of Prof Plat (updated Oct 2014) Trinity Basic Guide Trinity Operating System v2 manual Trinity Effects overview, & Effect sizes 1-4.

Irish Acts Studio EZ MUSIC v2

Trinity Expansion Option - SOLO-TRI (1-voice virtual-analogue/physical-modelling - Korg Prophecy emulation) - Courtesy of Nikos Trinity Expansion Option - MOSS-TRI (6-voice virtual-analogue/physical-modelling - Korg Z1 emulation) Trinity Expansion Option - PBS-TRI (playback sampler) Trinity Expansion Option - HDR-TRI (4-track hard-drive option) Trinity Expansion Option - SCSI-TRI (SCSI expansion) Trinity Expansion Option - DI-TRI (48KHz word clock and ADAT dital interface option) - Courtesy of Pegnafroy Trinity MIDI implementation Trinity Voice Name List Trinity Service Manual - Courtesy of 3Fingers, Pegnafroy, SGeorge and others.

Korg triton studio v2 manual:

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