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DA 42 NG AMM AIRCRAFT Temporary Revision Coolant Tank Pressure Relief Valve Test TEMPORARY REVISION AMM-TR-MÄM-42-745 Coolant Tank Pressure Relief Valve Test This Temporary Revision AMM-TR-MÄM-42-745 is approved in conjunction with the Mandatory Desn Change Advisory MÄM-42-745 and is valid in conjunction with the Airplane Maintenance Manual (AMM) until this Temporary Revision has been incorporated into the AMM. Section Affected Pages 7.02.15 05-28-00 7a, 7aa, 13a, 13aa 75-00-00 213, 214 Instruction ) Print this document on yellow paper (double-sided).

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The limitations and information contained herein either supplement or, in the case of conflict, override those in the AMM. ) Insert this cover page as the first page of the AMM.

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