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The reduction of engine RPM’s in hh gear resulted in less wear on the drive train as well as additional speed on level roads.

Chevy Suburban Owners Manual -

Strange but true, 305 V-6 valve covers on 1963 GMC 1/2 ton pickups came with a red, yellow, and black plaid desn.

<strong>Chevy</strong> <strong>Suburban</strong> <strong>Owners</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> -

Chevy Suburban Owners Manual - cuculpepor

The red color was used on the remainder of the engine without the yellow and black markings.

Chevy Manual Owners Suburban 2003

(Maybe Scottish plaid implied good fuel economy.) Whatever the reason, it will be almost impossible for most perfectionists to restore a pair of the valve covers with the correct plaid appearance!

Chevy suburban owners manual pdf:

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